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Conversational Designer @ Walt Disney Imagineering

I can't reveal much about my work at Imagineering yet, but I've been writing dialogue, designing interactions, helping define characters and narrative storytelling. I'm very excited for people to experience what we're working on here soon!


Game Designer @ Embodied Inc.

I did some of my best work at Embodied Inc, creating the robot Moxie. This project has kindness at its core; Moxie aims to learn from humans and to be a better friend. 

As a game designer on this project: I pitched, designed, and wrote many of Moxie's interactions and activities. I also stepped up to take charge of the on boarding process for the design team. I designed Moxie with a lot of heart and intent and aimed to craft a character who will connect deeply with an audience.

Moxie has won many awards from various tech publications. The project's crowning achievement was being featured in Time Magazine's 100 Best Inventions of 2020, taking the top spot in the AI category.

You can find out more about Moxie here.




Fallout: Cascadia is a full Fallout mod that takes place in Seattle. I'm currently writing for this project, crafting a unique voice for one of the six main characters in the game. I create both major and minor quest lines to build layers of richness in this world. I’ve also contributed to writing dialogue for NPCs, as well as helped edit dialogue for various other characters and storylines.

My favorite thing about this project is the collaborative nature of the team. We did frequent table reads, which sharpened our dialogue and put ourselves in the mindsets of our characters.

Follow the progress of our mod here.



Narrative Lead, Designer

Chrysalis was the first virtual reality game that I worked on, as well as the first game where I really did a deep dive (no pun intended!) into level design and environment.


I wrote and edited dialogue for many of the characters in this game. I headed discussions about the level layout, crafted character scripts to bring the cast to life, and tweaked the visual design to urge players to explore freely. I designed puzzles that directed players into exploring their environment, as well as add to the overall lore of the space they were experiencing.


Chrysalis was a recipient of the Oculus Launchpad Scholarship, and is now available, free to play, on the Oculus Rift store.



Narrative Lead

Way of the Wolf is a 3D stealth action game created for the USC Games capstone class, Advanced Games Project. Players team up with an AI wolf, Accalia, to take down a factory outpost that’s polluting their home.


I was Narrative Lead for this year-long project. I wrote concept pieces to flesh out the world that our characters experienced. I collaborated with artists to build an environment tightly woven with story. I wrote short dialogues that allowed players to glimpse our character’s thoughts.

Watch the trailer here.

Way of the Wolf Promo.PNG


Narrative Lead

Second Nature is a 2.5D cooperative platformer. The two main characters, Terus and Zeph, are the last guardians of a decaying world. They have different but complimentary mechanics that allow lively, dynamic teamwork.


As Narrative Lead on this game, I worked closely with artists to craft a bright, colorful world that would tell the stories of our heroes as they travelled through it. Terus and Zeph didn’t speak, so we brainstormed ways to highlight their personalities in the nuances of animation and their gameplay. I wrote lore and backstories to develop their character, and I helped design some of the enemies that they would face in their journey together. 

Watch the trailer here.

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