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Writing Portfolio

Dialogue Driven

Fine Dining

Genre: Superhero, Romance(?), Interactive Sample

Please download file and double click to play!


It's the crush of an awkward first date mixed with the high-stakes tango of having secret identities to hide...

Fine Dining.

In which a superhero and a supervillain find themselves on a blind date, unaware of each other's alter egos. 

Combat Barks

Genre: Character Driven, Sci-Fi (for Fallout Cascadia)


These are a series of combat barks for one of the main characters in Fallout Cascadia. The conditions/scenarios in which these lines are played are specified in the document!

Worldbuilding and Prose

Dock Rats

Genre: Fantasy, Worldbuilding

Sample Snippet:

Once on her feet again, she hurled herself at her now-enemy with a guttural cry of outrage, snapping and baring her teeth, her fingers curled into claws. Darting away from the waves, they skirted and clashed until they hit the beach, where the two of them have at each other, snarling and scratching like a pair of hunger-maddened beasts.

Accalia's World

Genre: Non-Human Main Character, Worldbuilding

Sample Snippet:

Accalia slunk down from the rocks that she’d climbed for her vantage point. She sensed the forest around her, breathing and alive but sickly: the skitter of small rats on the forest floor, the rustle of leaves as deer moved through the underbush and the gurgle of the small stream that she used to frequent with her pack. And, underneath it all, the distant, unfamiliar whirr and clank of machinery.

Project Trailers

Project Moxie


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